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Lolita Bungalows is a family of Samui born own business. It was established since 1985.

Our story begin with the 10 wood-built bungalows along the beach, it was fully booked in that very first year of our opening due to our famous calm and beautiful scenery of Mae Nam beach where you can see Koh Phangan from here.

Soon after the first lot of our guests went back home, the second group of our guests came. Surprisingly, they told Lolita that their friends suggested them to stay with Lolita's. This mean that most of our guests was heard about this place from their friends or a friend of friends who used to spend their holiday with us. Then the common thing you will see here is a friend gathering or a big group of family reunion with the age various from the baby till the great great grandma or grandpa. Our place is suitable for every type of tourist either you come alone or couple. We used to hold the wedding party and some of just married couples also chose us as their honeymoon destination.

The name Lolita Bungalows was initiated from those first group of our guests, it was the name of the one and only manager of Lolita Bungalows, whose nickname is Lo. Our guests thought that it would be easier to call her in English so they come up with the idea of creating her English's name. Since her name is Lo then Lolita, a title of the famous book, is a suitable name and it can be related to her Thai name 'Lo' as well. At that time, the place wasn't has a name yet till our first group of our guests went back then we decided to call the place after Lo's English name, 'Lolita Bungalows'.

One last thing that we have to put it for this 'about us page'. It is what Lolita Bungalows' proud of, besides the beautiful and quiet beach, is the FOOD. As Lolita's family used to cook for more than 50 years now, then you can be so sure that the food's quality here is different from other restaurants plus it is tasty fresh and clean.

We hope that our guests will enjoy spending their happy meal time at our restaurant while staying with us and remembering our authentic Thai food, yummy western food and brought back home all their memorable experiences and come back to visit us again.

Welcome to Samui island, welcome to Lolita Bungalows.

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