We are not really the party people and we prefer to keep our place as quiet as possible during night time. So that our guest can havetheir tranquil rest and a very good good dream while listening to the wave sound, coconut tree's leaf playing with the wind that is blowing outside their room or even other small insects of tropical area that always make a nice sound during night time.

However, we do arrange the two parties on every December of every year which are 'Christmas party' and 'New Year party'. We don't want to put this as a mandatory or compulsory for every guests to join but let me put it this way, we hope that the day is not just an ordinary day for our guests and you can enjoy our tasty food and take lots of photo with Thai dancing show on that day. We hope that this party atmosphere could have made you a worth memories when you back home and keep you think about us and come to visit us again and again as other guests.

Also by holding a party, our guests can give Lolita a hand by decorating the restaurant or suggesting the menu of what do you want to eat for the buffet that day, your suggestions are most welcome to improve our service for the most satisfaction of our guests in the future.

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